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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 1, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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not be upset if a bison tried to use the tramp leap. the bear will have to have a trampoline and you can stop complaining about rebel bear. go, black bears. that's it for "studio b" and back tonight for the fox report at 7:00 eastern. >>neil: love the bear thing and i love the political thing, the scramble as democrats try to avoid a stampede. welcome, everyone, neil cavuto, hours from polls opening and we are covering everywhere. in florida it looks up for republican candidate rubio, in nevada, a union is making sure casino workers get time off to vote for harry reid, and in colorado, third party candidate is narrowing the gap with a
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democrat gap in the race for governor. and in wisconsin democrat feingold is now trailing his republican opponent. is the support of health care the reason why? but, first, this is cincinnati, ohio, where in hours, the g.o.p. leader boehner is expected to give the closing argument with senate candidate kasich and is expected to call on the president for calling americans who to not agree with the policies "the enemy." john kasich joins us by phone. we have tried to reach out to governor strickland on another call this morning but we have repeatedly tried as we always do. he did not call back. you could be on the verge of something big. >>guest: i came from springfield, ohio, and i walked in the room and a couple
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hundred, i have never seen figure like this, i asked the crowd, have you been locked up in a closet, you have so much enthusiasm and i fine it all over ohio. it is really amazing. it is not just because people are upset with the direction the country is in but we have given them something and the great thing i have going for me and we have known each other over the years, having been the architect of a balanced balance and cut taxes and created jobs, i am not just another candidate who makes promises. i delivered on my promises. and i think in 2010 it has given me great credibility. we have a great team. our ground game is really, really strong. >> we are going to win this election, we are going to win
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this election. >>neil: a lot of folks forget when you were house budget chief no one knew the numbers better than you did, and that won you respect on both sides but as a governor it is a different set of skills, right? are you when we showed you video of you earlier, campaigning with christi in nj until, -- in new jersey, are you going to address the budget without a single tax hike? >>guest: no, no, we will deliver a better product to the customer. it's reform. that's what i was able to do in washington. it's not just cutting. it's making things better, more efficient, and if the folks have not checked the government wastes a lot of money because it's somebody else's money. and the facts of the matter is we are the 7th highest taxed state in,". our challenge in ohio as in many other areas of the midwest, is not the fact that we have budget
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problems, it's the fact that we have a problem creating an atmosphere where jobs will stay and where jobs will come. and it is my job to focus, to use the budget as a way of creating an entrepreneurial attitude so we must have lower taxes. we must have smaller government. we must fix other workers' comp system and retrain our workers. government gets sloppy. the businesses, as you know when you report, businesses that innovate and serve the customer do well. businesses that don't, they die. what has happened in ohio, we have not served the customer and that is what i am going to do. >>neil: it is interesting when you think about it, but there are 37 governorships up for grabs tomorrow. and interestingly, evenly divided among electoral votes, 211 and 211 and the math could change tomorrow. what does that do for republicans in 2012?
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>>guest: well, it is really important that if we get elected we perform. that's what gives you hope. i have to move the needle and create jobs out here. if i do it i will have a giant voice in terms of who is going to lead this country in 2012. look, obama is running for president, that is why he has been in ohio 12 times and i am trying to just get elected governor and his twin, strickland who favors bigger government, and higher taxes and obamacare, that is not just a vote on strickland but also a vote on obama. that is why he has been here. and you know ohio each year in the presidential race, it's ohio,io, and ohio and that is why though put so many resources in here. but we are going, it is going to be inteets when we win -- be sweet when we win. >>neil: if george bush did not pull out in ohio john kerry would have been president.
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>>guest: always good to talk to you. >>neil: the front runner for governor of ohio. i misstated the case that we called governor strickland, we called and he was not available. the polls are not open for hours but republicans are focused on the race after the race. three lawmakers are joking for the -- looking for the number three place in the house. and republican congressman is joining us. we did contacts her democratic opponent on that and we have not heard back. so, congresswoman, what is the lame duck strategy regardless of how you guys perform or don't perform tomorrow? >>guest: well, for the republicans getting some certainty related to the tax increases that are going to take place on january 1 at the top of the list. because where we go we continue to hear from small businesses, from families, that they don't know how to plan for 2011.
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>>neil: what is certainty to you? is it getting one year extension? for everyone? just keeping it another year or two longer? >>guest: well, it is taking action because right now congress hasn't acted. we adjourned. we went home to hit the campaign trail. so, we need to do something and economists up and down the list, left and right, are saying that at a minimum we need two years extension of the current tax code to give us more time to get our economy going again. that is at top of the list. >>neil: the president has not wasted a second saying you guys are getting ahead of yourselves on this election. listen to this. they are feeling cocky, the
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republican leader of the house says this is not a time for compromise. that's a quote. >>neil: what do you think of that? >>guest: well, we are working hard to the finish line, we are not taking this election for granted, and i have been on the road the last couple of days with someone running for senate in washington state and i am encouraged every stop along the way with good crowds. we have enthusiasm. people that have been waiting a long time for this election. and they want to vote. but the republicans recognize this is a challenging time for the country. and should we be given an opportunity and the responsibility to lead again, we're taking that very seriously. we believe it is important that we get a check and balance in congress and we are hopeful that the country is going to give us that opportunity. but we are taking this election very seriously, and we are, we mad that the work ahead of us is very serious work.
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>>neil: do you share the view of mr. boehner that compromise is not the operate of word here, you guys will be tough? >>guest: we are going to stand firm on our principles, on our priorities, we are going to look for the opportunities where we can work together to move forward but we believe that the current direction is way off track; that the borrow, spend, bailout policies, the health care reform, it is not what america wants and we are going to stand firm. we are going, we are not going to compromise. we believe that health care reform should be repealed. we believe we need to get our fiscal house in order. we need to focus on helping creating jobs. and get us on a path to a balanced budget. on all, on that list we are not compromising. >>neil: all right. we will watch closely. you could el merge as one of the most powerful players in
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washington when all is said and done. >> who would sarah palin like to see in the leadership positions? that is ahead on fox business network. no, no, no, oh no, you don't get fbn? demand it. the race for governor in colorado is closing in, with the gap closing. [ male announcer ] taste pops...
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>>neil: tom has colorado under his thumb? tom tancredo who was written off now has the momentum maybe to be the next governor. the former congressman joining me now. we contacted his only points but we are waiting for a response. if the polls are right you are on fire. >>guest: it has been amazing. who would think? three weeks ago i had, maybe, maybe 14 percent, something like that. >>neil: what happened? >>guest: well, people saw that the republican candidate which is what i saw originally, the reason i got into this race, and i could not do it as a republican because the timing
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has passed to do it i did it pause i could see the republican candidate was in ever going to make it, and seriously flawed. the chairman of the republican party recently said he is the worst candidate ever fielded by the republican party in the state's history and any vote for him is a wasted vote. now, that's the republican chairman talking about the republican candidate. i saw that a long time ago and i got into the race to provide an alternate and you know what? i have done so. >>neil: the argument for voting against you was that you would be a spoiler. but the argument was you were going to divide the republican vote and allow the democrat in. what do you make of that? >>guest: of course, it is possible. i think the republican candidate right now is around 6 percent, the most recent poll i saw, at 6 percent, and, so, if that's the case, and if i am only two or three points away from the mayor of denver, then you know what,
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he could spoil it. it has always been about him and never been about anything like the party. so, that is what he wants to do is spoil it. he could do it. but, it is very possible, very possible, that we will win the race even with this guy in it, even with the republican in it. >>neil: you have been tough on illegal immigration, you supported arizona's crack down, you have seen what the courts have done with arizona and the governor telling me she would spend her last day where she should be campaigning, in court, trying to, you know, petition this. but the point is, that has been a signature issue for you, and spending cuts have been a signature issue and that is a double powerful combination. >>guest: it is, and because i do have a history, because i have about a 97.2 percent rating by the american conservative union, it gives me credibility in places beyond just the
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immigration issue but of course immigration is a big issue here in colorado and the mayor of denver is the mayor of a sanctuary city where people have been killed. people have been killed. killed because of that policy. he had people would have committed murders and have, but, come in contact with the police at some other time, illegal and never turned over to ice and they do something else and in some cases kill petroleum, -- people and that is the situation. he is the mayor and he wants to be the governor and turn the state into a sanctuary state. that does not resonate with most voters here. >>neil: the constitution party you are running under, is it like a tea party? is it different? what? >>guest: the american constitution party has been and for quite some time and has been fielding candidates in states all over the nation, they are a party that is completely dedicated to restoring the u.s. constitution as the primary
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governing entity, rather, governing document of the united states of america. it is a simple message and one i find important. >>neil: my dumb question and i was not clear, whether the third party independent tea party, what will happen should a lot of candidates, candidates like you, win, and i think more in washington, but when a lot of these tea party types, not schooled in process, and, in fact, elected because they were not schooled in this process, have to get down to process and get legislation through. how will that go? >>guest: great question. i wish i could lay it out. i wish i could lay owe the answer as clearly as you laid out the question because it's a good one.
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here is the only thing we can do to look to list and tell us how this may play out. in the past when third parties have developed in a way that did threaten the major parties, one or the other of the majority parties subsumed the third party candidate, rather, campaign rhetoric and platform. i think this could be healthy for the republican support. if the tea parties in america forced the republican party to become much more introspective and much more thoughtful about the kind of principles they do want to put forward and hold on to, it could be best thing that ever happened to the republican party. if they want to ignore this, they do is at their peril. >>neil: very well put tom tancredo. we are watching. thank you very much. very harry reid it is down to the casino workers demanding their boss give them time off to vote for their guy, harry reid.
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>>neil: and now a look at las vegas, nevada, big labor is in a big way trying to help harry reid and making sure workers get time off to vote. so far, more democrats than republicans have vote the early in nevada and my guest says that is not enough to save the day for the senate majority leader. i have spoken to a lost people and he goes down, that is a defining moment of the night. >>guest: it is. there are two defining moments:
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if the republicans take over the house majority, it automatically means that nancy pelosi will not be speaker. and she has an unfavor blilt -- unfavorability rating than reid and the second is reid's defeat if that happens and then the republicans would have a swrie amounts celebration. that could be good for obama if he gets rid of reid and pelosi. >>neil: what does it mean for reid that it is this close? nevada has problems with the highest unemployment in the country at 14 percent and other problems but he is reid, and the casino c.e.o.'s love him for what he has done and the workers lover him for what he has done for the bosses and on and on we go. what does it say with all that, yet he still does not get to the
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finish line. >>guest: well, it is important to say if he wins he will not get 50 percent, a majority in nevada will vote for someone other than the senate majority leader, that is very clear, probably a substantial majority, after all this time and all the things that he believes he has delivered for nevada you have to reach the conclusion that they are simply tired of him. that happens to a lot of incumbents. it never happened to byrd but it does happen to a lot of other incumbents. >>neil: i don't like it to happen to tv anchor but i digress. eggs or -- >>guest: or professors. florida is really interesting state. the polls, look, rubio is in as you said. that long, long time. the interesting race in florida is governor. scott, the republican, versus
4:24 pm
democrat sink. the latest public polls, mainly, not totally, mostly show sink up over scott but here is why the ball is betting on scott. because of a tremendous lead among republicans in the early voting. i think scott has banked enough votes in the early voting, or the republicans have for the republican ticket, that probably scott will be able to win. so, that is going to be interesting to watch. it is close. both sides argue they will win it, so that is one to watch, to see just how big the republican wave actually is. >>neil: the irony with scott whether you say she to blame or not, running a health care concern that paid $1.6 billion in fines, the voters could look beyond that conceivably and still say he is better to run the state. a remarkable turn of events. >>guest: look, he has the most valuable thing you can have this
4:25 pm
year in most purple states, an "r" next to his name. the republican label means a lot. i think rubio is generating a lot of extra republican votes for the republican ticket in florida. >>neil: thank you, larry and now the reid and nevada where the first lady of the united states is doing her best to help the cause and help harry but is any of this working or is just the noise in that state hurting? >>reporter: no, it is not working. and, not just the first lady of the us, but vice president biden, former president clinton and president obama all have parachuted into nevada to help harry reid and the thinking is they need to protect the most valuable d asset in the senate and reid was thought to be able to ride the shortening coat tails of the democratic power
4:26 pm
houses but the big government liberal spending policies are hurting harry reid in a state like nevada which is all about small government and libertarianism. so, for the most part, what is going on is this: nevada does not like the stimulus spending. they say we are not only the unemployment capital of the united states but the bankruptcy and foreclosure capital of the united states per capita. they are not liking the policies they are seeing. it is not doing anything for us, they say, in the state and the other issue, the president is coming in to nevada to campaign and earlier he toll the country, look, don't spend your money in las vegas, do not go tripping off to las vegas to spend your money, save your money, were and people here did not forget that. that stayed with them. >>neil: but it is a tight race and harry reid is resourceful, and he has won some scweengers
4:27 pm
in the past and he could pull out a lost stops here. he has a lot of the union guys supporting him and a lot of the casino workforce could pull out in droves. >>guest: the swing vote is the hispanic vote. the hispanic vote is thought to be 8 percent of the vote in 2008, and now 12 percent, and the hispanic vote is not liking the negative campaign ads that sharron angle has run out on television about mexican drug cartels coming into the state, but at the same time they are not liking the fact that the president and reid have not moved forward on immigration reform, the dream act which they thought reid treated as an afterthought to shore up the hispanic base in nevada. so, the hispanic vote is going to be a serious vote to watch in the election tomorrow and it could sway the vote either way. >>neil: we will watch and you will be reporting for this
4:28 pm
channel and more, on fbn. we will have special guests including new mexico governor richardson and aol time warner c.e.o., the former head of that. too many people to name but they are all with me on the network for this stuff, fbn. a tea party has shut out by lawmakers. stay tuned. [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
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>>neil: florida polls open in 15 hours and the tea party favorite has a big lead in the tea party race and my next guest, a republican who could help them get settled and work things out. senator tom cow burn -- coburn will help them. a lot of the guys know nothing about process but they hate process. you have to get them used to process, right? >>guest: well, it will go very well. these are very smart individuals and you have the mystique that washington wants you to think it is hard to learn the ropes in washington, dc.
4:33 pm
and that's a misnomer. what you need is people who are committed to principles that are willing to do the right thing for the country in the long term and if you have that, the rest of it flows fine. it is interesting to me the media wants to make this, i don't think there will be any conflict when the tea party with the rest of the senate republicans. >>neil: but it comes when there is concern, rumors or whatever you want to call it that indicate joe miller could be the established republican party is not fond of them and is moving back to senator murkowski and i raised that with miller yesterday. i would like you to react to this. >> there are rumors the national republican committee is not backing you and the head of committee putting out a statement that is not the case, they are not abandoning you, and do you feel they are? were you satisfied by the statement they are not?
4:34 pm
is this folks digging up stuff on you? >>guest: alaskans make up their mind but we know we have to change washington, dc, and the way do do it it is to change the people there. >>neil: new truth that the senate committee is getting dicey on him? >>guest: not at all. i called to senator cornyn in ten days and there is no truth. he hit it on the nose: if we want to create a future for our children and grandchildren, the way washington operates republics and democrats, as well, have to change. we cannot keepborrowing money we don't have to spend on things we don't need. i look forward to somebody, joe millers grit to come to the senate and stand with us and say quit spending this money on things we do not have to do unless you are going to
4:35 pm
eliminate the other things we are doing that we don't have to do. >>neil: a lost these say, get rid of it, but how will that go down. >>guest: well, look, the president of the united states has tremendous power and a veto ability, and it is absolutely important to repeal the health care and it is worse than i thought it would be but the president will veto that. so, what is your option? >>neil: in other words, when they say "repeal or no deal," you say there is a way to get what you both want. >>guest: there is a way to
4:36 pm
keep the pressure up. the only way to change the negative consequences of this health care bill is to replace the president in 2012 and have a president that will sign a repeal bill. it doesn't mean we don't need to address health care because the whole failure of this bill is, it doesn't fix the real problem. the real problem with health care is it costs too much. and there is no market forces that will grind that out. it is all big government, big government management, everyone is going to be going into an exchange, even probably you, and if fox is smart they will not buy your insurance in the future, and any will put you in the exchange and the government will be subsidizing everyone's health care and they will tell you what doctor to go to, what treatment you will have, and what treatment you will not have. >>neil: they have their openings they will put me on a death panel. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: we will talk to a couple of the tea party
4:37 pm
candidates. my next guest says wall street is not celebrating the tea party but fearing it. you argue they could be pushing for president obama in a couple of years? >>guest: clearly, wall street has given a lot of money to the republicans for the midterms and no doubt that wall street likes divided government, a degree of gridlock. they do not want financial reform shoved down their throats. they almost had it but they beat a lot of it back and it was softened. >>neil: they were not chopped up. >>guest: president's people softened it, a lot of people in the administration did not like everything, and a lot of other issues, and when i talked to these people i ask them, game plan 2012, tell me what you like and dislike, are you going to support the republicans in 2012
4:38 pm
big time, and they supported obama big time in 2008 and what they tell me, their fears are summed up in two words: tea party. they are deathly afraid of the tea party. when you come down to it, what is the tea party asking for? they are asking for, not saying tax the hell out of these guys, they are saying, if they screw up, if they lose, they are on their own. no more too big to fail. no more special subsidies, for more of the stuff they got from the republican bureaucrats like paulson when he was treasury second, but, also, from the obama administration the last two careers. look at the numbers, the past two years, obama allow the big banks to make a decent amount of money and goldman sacs will make $7 billion in a down year, and what did obama administration give average small business with 9.6 unemployment and they hate
4:39 pm
banks. >>neil: so wall street has to decide who is less of the evils? >>guest: we have to see what happens with the family. that is why this is fascinating. will they be an activist wing of the republican party? if they are, as the movement of the conservatives, and supply sigh. >>guest: if they can prod members to do what they want as the movement conservatives used to do, the supply side people, then the banks have a problem and they would rather deal with president obama all day long. >>neil: with all the yelling and screaming, and fat cats, but he has, but on the trail he has been resurrected. >>guest: he goes back and forth. they realize a little name-calling does not hurt the bottom line that much. if you are called names people may not want to give you money for their retirement, but, look what he has done. he stayed out of the mortgage foreclosure thing, and remember
4:40 pm
the attorney generals wanted to mortgage foreclosure moratorium. i don't see holder, the u.s. attorney general part of this. and i believe that is a move and so do they. the wall street firms say that is a sign he is coming back in their camp. >>neil: not what you say, but what you do. thank you, charlie. you don't get it, you don't get it: demand it. what would bill do? the former president is not talking how he would have avoided the health care mess but the health and human services secretary is. secretary is. next. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, fatigue, and stop joint damage. because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events
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learn how to grow the business of you at >>neil: when democrats run from health care, does the woman who served at bill clinton's health and houston services secretaries, say they are busted. good to have you. it is weird, a lot of democrats
4:44 pm
running from, agree or disagree, but the crowning achievement. >>guest: it is as weird that the republicans are running away from george bush. the fact is everyone is running around away from commitments that were made years ago. a very interesting time in american politics. >>neil: you are right. a lot of that is going on. but what is interesting on health care, the rap against it and the rush forward and i covered the who will process, we had to vote on it and read what was in it and people have, and since, the surprise, should we have been warned, more, of the reality to come that short term pain before you get presumably long-term game? >>guest: well, i think that it's clear that this was about
4:45 pm
coverage. it had limited cost containment because no one could figure out where the compromise was on cost containment. hopefully, after the election we will go to phase two and get on with the kind of cost containment that we need but this was about covering working class people who did not have access to health care, people who had pre-existing conditions. it was straightforward and it was going to be managed by the state. they were going to organize the markets and private companies would deliver the health care. >>neil: but that has not happened? that is the long term goal getting everyone covered but in thend we will have 30 million americans not covered but having said that a lot of folks, now, have either been laid off or had coverage cut since this became law. and a lost companies have been forced to cut such coverage because the premiums are going up. with a lot of insurance companies. and because of this, they are preparing for it. and you will have to pay through the nose.
4:46 pm
>>guest: well, in many ways president obama is taking the brunt of the fact that premiums are going up anyhow without the implement station of health care reform. will it help? yes. because each time someone that is uninsured walks into an emergency room those of us who have health insurance, that use that hospital, end up paying for it. there is cost-shifting going on all over the place. and one way or another we will have to get everyone covered. now, you can argue about the delivery system but unless we are all covered, all we are doing is cost-shifting for those uncovered to those that are coughed. >>neil: you are right, but we are not going to be covering everyone and the folks for whom this system have been working okay, and were covered wonder about the quality of coverage going forward, details that no one appreciated. but now they are saying, what has washington done? >>guest: well, their coverage
4:47 pm
is threatened unless everyone is covered. because their companies are absorbing the cost of people who aren't covered and we are going to have a new congress. and they are going to have to contend with this because americans are pretty frustrate ised and pretty scared about those would already have good coverage, their employers, and i am a big employer in south florida, their employers are saying, wait, we can't afford to absorb the coverage of those who don't have coverage because their employers are not offering. >>neil: but i think this is what the authors of this legislation, now law, saw, and hoped for, that a lot of folks would either dump out of the system, be force the out, have to migrate to the government system and the single payer. >>guest: absolutely not. >>neil: but that is what is happening. >>guest: but it was happening before we started the debate. >>neil: it may be, but now it
4:48 pm
is in higher drive. >>guest: that has a lot to do with the economy. we have not implemented the health care reform yet and there is for evidence other than for economic reasons, that companies are dumping health coverage. look, most people can't afford to dump it because they cannot compete for workers. >>neil: but they are giving it a go because they are willing to roll the dice. >>guest: but those that do not have health insurance work in places either part-time workers, they are working class people, they cannot afford it, because they do not make enough, or their companies don't provide them with health insurance. what is really happening, everyone is cutting become on the health insurance they are providing, not eliminating it, and cost-shifting more to employees so we have to deal with this. >>neil: bottom live is it fair to say that they botched the implementation of this. >>guest: absolutely not.
4:49 pm
we have not started the implement station other than young people who are 26 and those with pre-existing conditions, the implement station was pushed off and, in fact, working with insurance companies, now, you will see full implement station. >>neil: but i was sold on the idea that it would not be pushed off, it was sold that your kids would be covered immediately, and your kids. >>guest: they are. >>neil: but they are not. they are not. they are not. they are not. there is a delay in the implement station. >>guest: but remember what the bush administration did with the pharmaceutical benefit. this was a delay. they gave people a discount card. and then six months later they started kicking in all parts of it. so that's not unusual in big government, in major government initiatives and the bush administration did precisely
4:50 pm
what the obama administration is doing. they phased in the coverage. over a periods of time. >>neil: and it got very expensive. >>guest: that is because they didn't pay for. the obama people have paid for it. >>neil: republican president, democratic president, when a costly initiative happens, it has a way of getting expensive. but, secretary, a real honor to have you and i low pressure to get you -- and i hope to have you back.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
>>neil: for a second, forget the election tomorrow. focus on the lame duck session of congress after that. my next guest wants to move right away regardless making the tax credit prime minister part of -- tax credit permanent,
4:54 pm
saying the taxpayers can afford this. good to have you moving fast on the lame duck session. >> whatever the cost of education, we could all agree that ignorance costs our country more and we, i know there are a lot of fans on the foation of gridlock but when we rank 20th in the world if education and 9th in the world in number of kids graduating from college and we have some real challenges. you had someone on from the business network, and the majority of the patentsssues in america are issued to foreign companies and individuals and we do not need gridlock. we need a smart growth policy for our country and education has to be a large part of that. >>neil: but math says there is no money. >>guest: i can tell you in the poorest families in our country have always focused on trying to
4:55 pm
get their kids an education. you cannot possibly argue that ignorance is more profitable for or country. >>neil: i am not arguing whether it is or not but with all the spending, a lot of it justified, we do not have the money to do it. >>guest: but republicans, the beauty is that republicans argue that tax credits is not spending because the government never had the money, but this money belongs to the individual, and what we are doing through this, i passed the bill and we have improposed it, so, 112 million families got a tax credit of $2,000 this year. and what the president said he wants is for two years, he wants it for four careers. >>neil: regardless of the outcome you will push this in a lame duck session and you expect democratic colleagues will. >> four fifths of my democratic colleagues will be re-elected,
4:56 pm
and i expect we will win more than people think, but the reality is, we are going to keep marching forward, and education should be a nonpartisan objective in our country, to get our young people the best opportunity they can to prepare for their future. >>neil: well, i will say this, you always stick to your guns, and you are not one of these that flips around on all sides. good to have you, sir. thank you very much. >>guest: thank you, everyone should come out and vote, except those republicans would have already won, they can have their victory party tonight and we will see the results tomorrow. >>neil: speaking of that, my next my whole washington crew is up here, and we are all over this tomorrow in your world and on fox business network with the former vice president candidate, sarah palin, with me, and she is
4:57 pm
back from the campaign blitz and what she makes of the race tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and donald rump, and rand paul, and former labor secretary under bill clinton, home depot cofounder, and former democratic governor of virginia, doug wilder, and on election night, fox business network all the latest, all of those guys, and imus. this is the aarp...
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